Professional Development Short Courses

Looking for a short 1 day face to face intensive training to get you up to speed in the theory and practice of a particular aspect of practice? Or for a multi-week online course that enables you to spread learning at your own pace across each week, confident that the resources you will gain access to are of the highest quality and relevance?

The IWC offers a range of training courses in an annual program that provides practical knowledge and skills underpinned by the best and latest research:

  • Water leadership
  • Water resilient communities and catchments
  • Climate Resilient WASH (Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene)
  • IWM, governance and finance

All of our courses undergo rigorous peer review during design and participants receive a Griffith University digitally badged micro-credential upon successful completion.

Water Leadership


Water resilient communities and catchments


WASH (Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene)


IWM, governance and finance


The Pathway Program

The Pathway Program is the International WaterCentre’s new globally focused water leadership development program. Comprised of three levels the purpose of the Pathway Program is to provide an easily accessible, foundational leadership development program for water professionals and practitioners to strengthen their ability to exert influence and drive positive change in their projects and workplaces, and to address our most significant water-related challenges.

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