Our Thematic Areas

We believe that integrated water management (IWM) approaches are necessary to achieving positive, coordinated and sustainable development of water for people, environments and economies. Integrated water management places a strong emphasis on collaboration between all stakeholders and takes a whole-systems approach to water management.

Being process focused, integrated water management is concerned with stimulating and managing change in the water sector, and in other sectors where water plays an important role.

IWC works within the following thematic areas of water management:

Water Leadership

IWC believes there is a need to build capacity in water professionals to become skilled in stimulating and driving processes of change in a variety of contexts. Different aspects of water management must be integrated systemically to effectively realise social, economic and environmental benefits whilst avoiding damaging trade-offs and impacts. This is a key focus of concern globally and central to the agenda of the SDGs, but for such ambitions to be realized, professionals require strong leadership capabilities to drive change.

Water Resilient Communities and Catchments

IWC works to support professionals and organisations to guide and build pathways of change that enable resilience to various water-induced natural and social pressures, such as floods and catchment activities. Given the connectivity of water across different populations, we work with both urban and regional communities and the catchments in which communities are embedded.

Integrated water management (IWM) Governance

IWC advocates for the application of Integrated Water Management principles and practices to water governance systems, which are the means to achieving the end goal of water security. We believe this encourages decision-making processes and commitments that consider whole social systems, and that enable productive participation in governance.

WASH (Water supply, Sanitation & Hygiene)

IWC supports the achievement of SDG6, safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all and the flow-on benefits this brings to health, poverty alleviation, educational achievement, and economic growth.