IWC Pacific Water Research Program

The Pacific Water Research Program brings together IWC researchers with our Pacific and Australian partners to undertake research targeting the complex water problems facing many Pacific Island Countries. IWC works in meaningful partnership with our Pasifika partners – from tertiary institutions through to government and civil society organisations. We also drive collaboration across the many disciplines that need to come together to address real world water problems.

The IWC Pacific Research Program is committed to developing regional and country-focused evidence, resources and approaches, for use by practitioners, policy-makers and communities across the Pacific who work on the human dimensions of climate-resilient water security, such as catchment and water resources management, and, water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).


Pacific Community Water Management Plus (PaCWaM+)

Planning for climate-resilient water, sanitation, and hygiene in urban settlements in Melanesia

WASH, foodways, markets, women and COVID-19 in Vanuatu

Promoting Safe Child Faeces Management in Solomon Islands

Engaging corporate actors for inclusive WASH-at-work

Blended Finance for WASH

COVID-19 Water Security Risk Index

WASH and climate change adaptation in the Pacific

Fostering sustainable and inclusive WASH marketing systems with informal settlements of the Pacific