You are committed to improving, adapting and innovating the way that we manage water as a resource for economies and communities, as a vital element of catchment and aquatic ecosystems, as a key mediator of climate change and a key focus of disaster risk reduction, and as a fundamental and universal right in the context of delivering high quality, reliable, accessible and affordable water supply, sanitation and hygiene services to all.

You know that knowledge about the best forms of intervention and approach is changing all the time, and that new techniques and evidence to support their effective application emerges continuously. You need to be able to access high quality, flexibly delivered learning in key areas of your practice to keep up to and even a little ahead of the leading edge. You are looking for ways to connect to the best water science and water management researchers and to fellow professionals and practitioners.

At IWC we are committed to building the capabilities of professionals and practitioners across the Australian and global water sectors to change the way that we think about and act to address complex water management challenges.

We are committed to doing so by translating across research and practice to provide the best evidence and science based, relevant and applied learning opportunities for professionals and practitioners, and to also offering training through a range of modalities to suit your needs and availability. Our focus is always on designing and delivering the best training resources and learning experience, and to ensuring that those learnings are translated and able to be used by you in your daily work.

What does our Training look like?

Professional Development Short Courses

We offer a range of courses across four categories: Water Leadership, Water Resilient Communities and Catchments, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in the Water Cycle, and IWM, Governance and Finance Our professional development courses are offered in a range of delivery modes including online (asynchronous and blended), face to face workshops and blended learning.

Custom Training and Study Tours

We provide custom-designed courses for organisations of all sizes – from single organisations through to groups of organisations needing to work together on water issues. Our custom-designed courses are tailored and contexualisaed for each client and often include a combination of classroom-based learning and practical experiences, incorporating the concepts and principles of integrated water management.

Water Leadership Program

The Water Leadership Program (WLP) is an award-winning program that helps emerging leaders to develop the ability to exert influence, drive change and advance challenging integrated water management projects – abilities associated with the most effective integrated water management leaders.