Pacific Community Water Management Plus (PaCWaM+) Project Resources

This International WaterCentre led research project explored how CSOs and governments can better enable rural community water management in the Pacific to improve SDG6 outcomes, using community water management plus practices.

Phase I Research focus: Progressing inclusive, resilient and sustainable SDG6 and WASH outcomes in the rural Pacific: approaches to enable effective community-based water management

Phase II Research focus: Supporting decentralised rural water supply in Pacific islands: Formal and informal networks to support Pacific rural Water Committee engagement with water resources management for climate resilient WASH outcomes (PacWaM+ 2)

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Research Findings

PaCWaM+ Resources to support Community Water Management

Solomon Islands Resources

Solomon Islands

Strong Water Committees – Strong WASH Communities – implementation guide for Solomon Islands

Video: Strong Water Committees – Strong WASH Communities (English subtitles)

Water is everyone’s business – Solomon Islands – implementation guide

Poster: Water is Everyone’s Business (English)

Video: Women and Community Water Management (English subtitles)

Video: Youth and Community Water Management (English, subtitles)

Video: Meri na wota (Women and water) – Tik Tok version of the Women and Community Water Management

Community-based Water Security Improvement Planning – Implementation Guides: Vol1Vol2Vol3

CWSIP2 – Community-based Water Security Planning (CWSIP) Planning II: for climate change & future risks

*note: the video resources for Solomon islands here are with English subtitles, spoken in local pijin. If you would like to use these videos without English subtitles, or want a downloadable copy lease contact

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Community members receive research findings reports

Decision support systems and tools for water resources policy and management

This publication features case studies which showcase the adoption and utility of Decision Support Systems and Tools at both regional catchment and local scales, providing practical examples of experiences with these systems and tools, and the adaptive management principles that underpin their use and refinement.

A handbook for visiting Australia’s dams

This handbook offers essential information for visitors interested in Australian dam management practices. It focuses on dams used for domestic water supply, irrigation, industry, hydropower, and flood mitigation. Serving as a comprehensive resource, the handbook helps visitors plan their itinerary to meet technical, logistical, and financial needs.