Photo of Mark Pascoe

Founding Chief Executive Officer

Mark Pascoe


Mark worked for more than 40 years in the water industry, predominantly in Brisbane, Australia. He spent many years with Brisbane City Council, where his most recent position was as the Manager, Water and Sewerage. Other roles included the Manager, Water Treatment and Manager, Wastewater Treatment.  In the mid-1990s, Mark held the position of Queensland Operations Manager of Woodward-Clyde Pty Ltd, an environmental engineering consultancy firm. Mark left the Brisbane City Council role to take up the position of Deputy Director at the International Water Association in London, which he held for three years before returning to Brisbane in early 2005 to begin his role as Chief Executive Officer at the International WaterCentre.


Mark leaves an enduring legacy. His passion for and leadership in bringing people together across the world of water, to connect, to think creatively, and to work, laid the foundations for the culture and practices of our IWC team, and the many others fortunate to have worked alongside him.  Mark’s long career in water has left a permanent footprint in both the Australian and international water landscapes, and in the hearts and minds of those he collaborated with.

Brisbane was Mark’s base for many years, first as a very practical Brisbane City Council water specialist and utility manager, and then his water career expanded through the International Water Association in London along with his global connections and impact. Establishing the International WaterCentre in Australia saw Mark lead a unique education, training and research opportunity that had him connect, guide and support colleagues from all parts of the world.

Mark’s passion for life, opportunities and the central role and importance of water remains imprinted in the many people he connected with over the years. It is a powerful legacy that will continue.