Declan Hearne

Declan has over 10 years of distinctive experience in the leadership and delivery of integrated water management and governance across private, public and non-profit sectors.

Joining IWC, Declan brought substantive hands-on experience in the management and delivery of a range of integrated water management and WASH programs from across the Philippines and Indonesia.

Declan has also successfully managed a range of community-based programs in the areas of public health, disaster risk reduction and natural resource management. These programs were delivered in partnership with various organisations including UNICEF, LSHTM, UNESCO, IFC, CRS. Through these experiences Declan has demonstrated leadership in facilitating collaborative partnerships for evidence-based decision-making, strategic planning and capacity building. Outcomes from these partnerships include policy and sectoral reforms and local and regional levels.

Since joining IWC, Declan has developed strong capacity for conducting formative research for the design and development of hygiene and sanitation related behaviour change interventions. He has also led the evaluation of impacts from piloted interventions. Declan has led the development and delivery of customised training for water managers focused on improving sustained service delivery within a IWM framework.

Declan also has a keen interest in the research and application of evidence-based approaches for policy development that supports healthy, adaptive and resilient communities. He has a BSc (Hons) in Conservation Science and a Masters in Integrated Water Management.