Our Services

building capacity to drive change in the water sector by developing the knowledge and leadership skills of water professionals globally.


Our Education programs build future water leaders – Integrated Water Management professionals able to collaborate, create and deliver innovative approaches to complex water management and sustainable development challenges.


The IWC Education programs draw on the expertise of international leaders in teaching, research and practice across a wide range of disciplines.

We take a transdisciplinary ‘whole-of-water-cycle’ approach that equips participants with practical tools and skills for developing and delivering effective water management solutions.

Through our program, you’ll develop effective leadership capacity as well as the strategic, managerial and technical skills you need to advance in the water sector.


IWC graduates not only have the ability to become technical specialists in their field, but also effective, well-rounded water leaders too with an understanding and ability to work with other professionals across-sectors including:

  • infrastructure
  • technology
  • governance & policy
  • social and natural sciences
  • ethics
  • engineering


At the International WaterCentre, we focus on strengthening both an individual and institutional capacity in integrated water management. This is built on our strong foundation in education, combined with expert knowledge from around Australia and across disciplines.

We offer online, short and custom-designed courses tailored specifically to the needs of water professionals and their respective industries.


I Can’t recommend this course or speak highly enough about it! I’ll definitely be keen to do more courses in a similar format – the length of the course, content and structure made it really achievable to fit in to the rest of life. The IWC is doing some amazing work!
Training participant – Water Reform & Governance online course


The International WaterCentre leads whole-of-water cycle, transdisciplinary and collaborative research activities, which address current and emerging water issues to influence water management, policy, education and leadership. Our research is empirical, problem-based and generates useful new knowledge.


Our Capacity Development Partnerships support organisations to deliver more effective programming, build sector capacity, and contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of communities, the environment and economies.

We work with our partners to identify and address team knowledge and skills gaps to ensure partner teams have the capacity, skills, tools and motivation to empower individuals and organisations to collectively deliver more sustainable and high-quality program outcomes.

Successful partnerships demonstrate the ability for teams to collectively:

  • Effectively engage and relate to local stakeholders and strengthen local leadership
  • Conduct sophisticated analysis that leads to programs that are coherent with context
  • Value ‘best fit’ for the context over ‘best practice’; as one size does not fit all
  • Take an inclusive approach in address issues of power and inequality
  • Emphasise deep, lasting transformations through policy and institutional reforms.