Our Partners

IWC provides support to implementing organisations, such as Civil Society Organisations (CSO), national and local governments and funding organisations to enhance their institutional capacity to design and deliver integrated water management programs.


If you and your organisation share our vision, we invite you to join us and act as a catalyst for changing the way complex water management challenges are tackled. You can do this by helping us to support initiatives, activities, projects and individuals within your community or anywhere globally.

Financing Integrated Water Management in the form of projects financing, equity investment, scholarships and grants will continue to scale-up our impact and change lives.

Invest in your people

Build breadth and depth in your organisation in integrated water management best practice by investing in your people. This partnership option secures one or more places in our programs for your employees.

Invest in your Community

For lasting change in today’s water climate, we must work in teams across organisations and within communities. This partnership option secures places in our programs that you can allocate to individuals or organisation within your water community.

Invest in your Future

There is a growing demand from water stakeholders for longer-term education investment. This partnership can ensure that by securing places in our programs for three to five years.