Let’s get physical in Deagon

Join us in Deagon in north Brisbane at the latest Queensland Water Modelling Network event, as we explore skills and knowledge development for the Queensland water modelling and use sector.

Visit the Queensland Government’s Deagon Coastal Impacts Testing Facility

The Queensland Government runs a major physical modelling facility at Deagon, to the north of Brisbane on the way to Redcliffe. The Deagon Facility provides large-scale physical modelling capability for the assessment of coastal infrastructure, development and impacts.

The Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) is offering the opportunity to visit the Deagon Facility on 28 August so that you can:

  • see large-scale physical models in action
  • learn about the role the testing facility plays and the services it offers
  • learn about the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to operate this facility.

The Deagon event will also include an opportunity to learn about the findings of the recent QWMN Skills and Knowledge Audit and to provide input to a response report that is being prepared to the Audit.

Who is the Deagon event for?

The event is targeted at all professionals working in the Queensland water modelling and use sector who are interested in:

  • developing their understanding of physical modelling and the role it plays in Queensland
  • providing input to a response report being developed to the findings of the Skills and Knowledge Audit
  • networking with other professionals from across the sector.

We are looking for participants from across the spectrum, from young to more experienced professionals, and from all areas of water management, from catchment, waterways and resources to urban water management, including utilities, stormwater and drainage management, along with water sensitive cities.

Event details

The Deagon event will be held at the Queensland Government Deagon Facility from 3pm to 6:30pm on Wednesday 28 August.

An event bus will leave Southbank at 2:30pm on the 28th and return to the Southbank by 7pm.

Event registration will include return bus travel, a visit to the Deagon facility comprising guided tours of the big shed testing facility, the wave and tide monitoring network and the old Maroochydore model, and to finish off, a catered session to provide an opportunity to provide input to the Skills and Knowledge Audit response report.

Costs are:

  • $25 for professionals
  • $15 for students

Event partners

The event has been organised by the International WateCentre for:

  • Queensland Government (Department of Environment and Science, QWMN)


About the QWMN

The Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) is improving the state’s capacity to model its surface water and groundwater resources and their quality. The QWMN provides the tools, information and collaborative platforms to support best-practice use of water models, and the uptake of their results by policy makers and natural resource managers.


  • addresses the critical strategic gaps and weaknesses in water models at all scales, from individual farm paddocks, through to catchments and regions
  • improves the integration of all Queensland hydrology, groundwater and water quality models—including Great Barrier Reef models—and the consistency of modelling practices across the state
  • integrates environmental monitoring activities with water modelling, particularly in priority catchments and basins
  • identifies innovation, research and development opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water modelling in Queensland
  • develops a community of practice in model development that will better inform environmental resource management decision-making in Queensland.

A consortium, led by the International WaterCentre, is delivering a program of work that complements QWMN activities and investments to facilitate greater collaboration among water modellers, users and decision makers across Queensland, creating a community of water modelling excellence.

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