World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016: IWC at the Congress

World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016: IWC at the Congress

Building capacity to solve challenges in the water sector

World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016: IWC at the Congress

The IWC Learning Lab hosted in Brisbane post-World Water Congress, October 2016

In October 2016, Brisbane will be hosting over 5,500 global water professionals from over 100 countries to attend the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016. The event will offer new insights into leading science, technology, innovation and best practice across the water industry to shape our water future.

Join the IWC at the Congress

We are leading multiple activities before, during and after the congress:

Global Water Shapers: a networking event to kick off the congress with conversations about our water future – how can and should we respond to the key challenges and opportunities facing the water sector?

Building leadership in the water sector: an IWC-hosted workshop during the Congress on leadership at an individual, team, organisation and/or regional level to advance integrated and innovative solutions.

To build on the Congress’ history of fostering new business opportunities, collaborations and partnerships the IWC will also host the post-conference IWC Learning Lab; a series of short courses designed to provide the skills, knowledge and tools to solve water problems based on the latest approaches and innovations in water management.


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For more information, please contact:

Charlotte Beresford
Senior Project Officer
P: +61 7 3014 0200


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