When water lost her way

When water lost her way


International WaterCentre Alumnus Meg Humphrys has recently released her first children’s book ‘When Water Lost Her Way‘ about the water cycle through her own label Circles Publishing. Below, Meg describes why she chose to write a book about the water cycle.

Why write a children’s book about the water cycle?

The concept for the book was broadly influenced by David Suzuki, James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis and the work of Thich Nat Han. The idea behind it was to try to translate the earth’s somewhat complex systems and cycles into a simple story with a narrative, rich in meaning.

The water cycle was a natural fit for my first book, which draws on experiences from working in different parts of the water cycle for over 10 years.  Such as:

  • understanding the earth’s groundwater ‘plumbing system’ from the perspective of an exploration geologist;
  • to developing groundwater management plans that recognised the connectivity between groundwater and surface water,
  • to my current role at Westernport Water – (water corporation) working at the back-end of the urban water cycle in wastewater management and sustainability

The idea that the book would be a children’s story came to me after having my first child, from reading the same stories over and over again. I realised there was a bit of a gap in stories about natural resources and sustainability.  I always intended that the book would be a story with a narrative rather than full of facts, however I am hoping it will spark some interest and wonder in the water cycle.

The story itself came together rather quickly, yet the watercolour illustrations took much longer as I continued to try and find the ‘right style’ having not painted for many years. While the process was slow at times, it resulted in me finding a new way of ‘looking’ at the sky, clouds and ocean as I tried to work out how best to express these features in the artwork.

As an avid surfer for many years I have always had a strong connection with the ocean. My own interactions with water, be it surfing, education or science has taught me a valuable lesson. That is, with greater knowledge comes a greater sense of respect for the powerful presence water has in our lives. In this book, I hope to share this message with our future generations.

Book launch

The book will be launched at the Rhyll Hall in Phillip Island, Victoria on Saturday, 9 June at 2:00pm.  You can find out more about the book, the upcoming book launch along with free supporting education packages at www.circlespublishing.com, or download the information flyer here.


Meg Humphrys with her new children’s book When Water Lost Her Way


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