WATERQ a 30 year strategy for Queensland’s water sector

WATERQ a 30 year strategy for Queensland’s water sector

WaterQ is a whole-of-sector strategy that sets out a high-level framework of priorities and actions to address the changes and challenges facing our water sector, the Queensland Government says. It will continually adjust to reflect changing community interests and aspirations, and keep pace with innovation and technology.
WATERQ a 30 year strategy for Queensland's water sector

The Strategy will deliver a safe, secure and affordable water supply well into the future, leveraging the unique advantage of Queensland’s water sector: that water and sewerage services are delivered by local service providers.

Future solutions will require skill, expertise and investment from all levels of government, the private sector, research organisations, water service providers and the community. Increasingly, collaborative partnerships across catchments will encourage water planning and management on a scale that will improve efficiency, environmental outcomes and affordability.

WaterQ responds to the significant changes and challenges that our state will face in the next three decades. Within this time, more of Queensland’s population will live outside South East Queensland than ever before. Making water available when, where and how it is needed will help to protect our lifestyle, drive our economy, make our regions strong and prosperous and attract people to work and live there.

WaterQ identifies seven strategic priorities and actions, seeking contribution from all Queenslanders to build and maintain a ‘water sector that supports increased productivity, economic growth, strong and healthy communities, and a natural environment that is valued’:

  • increased customer empowerment and community education
  • equitable and affordable water
  • efficient and productive water use
  • responsible and productive water management across Queensland
  • a skilled and sustainable water sector
  • smart regulation that encourages private sector investment
  • innovative technology and infrastructure.


“IWC supports WaterQ,” said IWC CEO Mark Pascoe. “We particularly support a number of the initiatives and aspirations that are developed in the Plan, including;

  • The need to develop capacity of the State in relation to the skills and knowledge of those people who are working and who will work in the sector.
  • The need to inform the community of Queensland about the complexity and importance of their water system.
  • The need to establish structures to monitor the implementation of the Vision.
  • The need to facilitate the development and implementation of policy and regulatory frameworks to support innovation in technology, its procurement and use.

“We also fundamentally support the development of integrative approaches and processes that will be needed to manage water, energy and food security in a dynamic future environment.

“IWC looks forward to opportunities to be involved in the dialogues that will develop as the Vision is implemented and made real.”


Download WaterQ

Download WaterQ: a 30-year strategy for Queensland’s water sector: http://statements.qld.gov.au/Content/MediaAttachments/2014/pdf/WaterQ%2030-year%20strategy.pdf

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