‘Water man of India’ wins 2015 Stockholm Water Prize

‘Water man of India’ wins 2015 Stockholm Water Prize

Rajendra Singh of India has been named the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, for his innovative water restoration efforts, improving water security in rural India, and for showing extraordinary courage and determination in his quest to improve the living conditions for those most in need.

'Water man of India' wins 2015 Stockholm Water Prize

Mr Rajendra Singh at the official World Water Day celebration in India on March 20, 2015. Photo credit: UNDP/UN-Water

Mr Singh lives and works in the arid Indian state of Rajasthan, where for several decades he has dedicated himself to defeating drought and empowering communities. The results of his tireless work are without equal: in close cooperation with local residents, he and his organisation have revived several rivers, brought water and life back to a thousand villages and given hope to countless people.

On receiving news about the prize, Mr Singh said, “this is very encouraging, energising and inspiring news. Through the Indian wisdom of rainwater harvesting, we have made helpless, abandoned, destitute and impoverished villages prosperous and healthy again.”

Read more:www.siwi.org/prizes/stockholmwaterprize/laureates/2015-2/

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