Vision of a better world: IWC sponsors Film Festival in Brisbane

Vision of a better world: IWC sponsors Film Festival in Brisbane

Join us for the 2018 Transitions Film Festival in Brisbane 23 – 25 March! The International WaterCentre is a proud sponsor of this visionary event that aims to inspire, inform and engage on the complex challenges facing our world and the cutting-edge solutions redefining them.

The IWC is a proud sponsor of the second Brisbane-leg of the Transitions Film Festival, 23 – 26 March. The Festival aims to inspire, inform and engage by connecting audiences to cutting-edge ideas from around the globe and the local community groups that are creating impact in Australia. Join us on Saturday 24 March where will we be introducing two water-focused films, What Lies Upstream and Albatross along with a Q&A panel discussion on some of our most pressing water management challenges.


In 2009, artist Chris Jordan travelled to Midway Island and bore witness to tens of thousands of dead albatrosses lying on the ground, their stomachs filled with plastic. After 8 years of filming the life cycles of these beautiful birds, Albatross was created – a visual odyssey examining how human materiality has impacted the natural world. Chris Jordan creates a gut wrenching visual journey which creates an ultimately inspiring portrait of the families of Albatross, filled with births, love, death and plastic.

Albatross transports us to an island few people get to see, and gives us a deeper understanding of the natural world and the tragic ways we impact it, watch the trailer here.

What Lies Upstream

Directed by Cullen Hoback, What Lies Upstream looks beneath an everyday aspect of life that we take for granted and examines the shocking lack of meaningful oversight for the water we drink, cook with and bathe in. In early 2014, the residents of Charleston, West Virginia, were lucky — to use the word advisedly — that one of the chemicals that leaked into their water supply had a strong odor. Otherwise, as What Lies Upstream illuminates in eye-opening detail, they might never have known that their tap water wasn’t safe to use.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as ‘an exemplary piece of advocacy filmmaking,’ and The Hollywood Reporter as ‘One of the most vital docs to hit theaters in 2018,’ What lies Upstream speaks truth to power and inspires us to fight for the protection the most important elements which sustain us as humans – water. Watch the trailer here.

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We’re excited to be part of this innovative and solutions-focused program and look forward to seeing you at the Transition Film Festival Brisbane to explore cutting-edge ideas and speak with the local change agents leading the way on some of the world’s most complex challenges.

View the Brisbane program and buy your tickets here.

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