Urban futures – delivering water sensitive cities

Urban futures – delivering water sensitive cities

18 students from 10 countries have just completed the “Urban futures: delivering water sensitive cities” module of IWC’s Master of Integrated Water Management.
Urban futures - delivering water sensitive cities

The module was developed and led in collaboration with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC).

The students, from Laos, Vietnam, India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Panama, Mexico, United States, and Australia, participated in a varied program of lectures, webinars, fieldtrips and case study exercises to engage with the principles, technologies and practices of water sensitive cities and discuss how these might be applied in their own contexts.

Many of the students also attended the Water Sensitive Cities conference in October in Melbourne. Some will be undertaking their final Masters research project in topics related to Water Sensitive Cities, and will be supervised by CRCWSC researchers.

Urban futures: delivering water sensitive cities

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Challenges confronting cities and towns around the world include climate change, population growth, demographic shifts, ecosystem degradation, resource limitations and evolving societal expectations.

These challenges have implications for almost every aspect of water in our urban environments and it is now widely recognised that traditional water systems, based on large-scale centralised infrastructure, are no longer capable of meeting all societal needs related to urban water. In this context, governments, practitioners and scientists are exploring new approaches for the planning, design and management of urban water systems. The concept of a Water Sensitive City has emerged in science, policy and practice in response in Australia and beyond.

While there is not yet an example of a Water Sensitive City in the world, the concept is being explored and deepened through research and industry experience. This module brings together insights from the CRC program to enable the adoption of water sensitive planning and design principles in support of cities making the transition towards liveable, sustainable, productive and resilient water futures.

This module provides participants with an interdisciplinary understanding of the interplay between society, technology and urban design to ensure water security, water resource efficiency, waterway health, flood mitigation, public health and amenity.

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