Understanding six water leadership roles: Feature article published

Understanding six water leadership roles: Feature article published

‘Understanding six water leadership roles: A framework to help build leadership capacity’ is the title of a feature article co-authored by the International WaterCentre’s (IWC) Leadership Specialist, Dr André Taylor. It was recently published in the New Water Policy & Practice Journal – a platform for the world’s emerging water leaders and thinkers.
Understanding six water leadership roles: Feature article published

This paper describes six leadership roles that often feature in processes of change that drive more sustainable forms of water management in developed and developing countries. These are referred to as the champion leader, enabling leader, cross-boundary team leader, thought leader, strategic leader and trusted advisor roles. The paper also highlights some of the key leader competencies (e.g. skills) and leadership strategies (e.g. behaviours) associated with these roles. Understanding these roles can help build the leadership ability of emerging water leaders and therefore the capacity of the water sector to drive change.

The framework helps identify which roles an emerging water leader is most suited to, and assists in analysing how people in different leadership roles typically work together to drive major processes of influence in the water sector. This framework is now being used to inform the design of water leadership development programs around the world.

The framework is also being harnessed in IWC’s successful Water Leadership Program. The next Water Leadership Program commences in December 2015 and applications are now open.

The paper is available free for download.      Water Leadership article tbn

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