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8. Nutrient Offsets: Linking Water Utilities and Land Management Operations

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Led by: Professor Jon Olley, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University
Dr Adrian Volders, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University
Dr Jim Smart, Griffith University

About the course

Nutrient offsets present a new approach to an old problem; high nutrient concentrations that degrade the condition of ecosystems. In an effort to improve the health of aquatic ecosystems and to provide more cost-effective management solutions, nutrient offsets have been implemented to address nutrient emissions at the source and enable water utilities to meet their legislated targets more cost-effectively by working with partners in upper catchments.

The Benefits

Completion of the Nutrient Offsets training will provide participants with the skills to:

  • Understand and characterise point and non-point (diffuse) sources of nutrients
  • Identify, prioritise and select appropriate responses to nutrient loadings
  • Identify key opportunities for improving the cost-effectiveness of catchmentscale nutrient management
  • Integrate assessments of land management and sewage treatment plant (STP) upgrades and likely improved water quality in receiving waters
  • Undertake engagement and communication with key stakeholders and the varied target audiences

Who should enrol?

All stakeholders interested in nutrient management, eutrophication, catchment management, water utilities or sewage treatment plant effluent; including engineers, urban planners, policy officers, asset managers, advocacy and environmental groups, communication officers and community groups etc.

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