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19. Managing Conflict and Fostering Cooperation: Essential Capability for Effective IWM

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Led by: Brad Lewis, ARC Consulting Group

About the course

Conflict management expertise and the ability to promote cooperation is recognised as an essential part of effective water management and leadership, both at the catchment and organisation scale. This course will introduce you to the theoretical and practical approaches of conflict management, and build your understanding, capability and confidence to manage conflict, foster greater cooperation and improve the success of IWM initiatives.

The Benefits

This highly interactive course introduces participants to contemporary conflict management theory and practice, incorporating specialist content and case examples relevant to IWM professionals. Upon completion of the course participants will be better able to:

  • Understand, engage and manage conflict at both catchment and organisation scales
  • Provide peer leadership relating to communication, cooperation, and conflict management.

The course places an emphasis upon practical activities and experiential learning simulations. Personalised coaching and professional mentoring is provided by conflict management specialists.

Who should enrol?

Water professionals and IWM leaders wanting to enhance their understanding and skills in order to effectively manage conflict and promote greater cooperation. 

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