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7. Developing Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring Programs and Report Cards

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Led by: Professor Stuart Bunn, Director Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University 

Dr Wade Hadwen, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University

Dr Paul Maxwell, Principal Scientist, Healthy Waterways Partnership

About the course

The course provides a detailed overview of the science and practical aspects associated with the development, implementation and communication of an Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring (EHMP) program. Based on over 10 years’ experience from Healthy Waterway’s EHMP; South-East Queensland’s flagship monitoring program and one of the most comprehensive freshwater, estuarine and marine monitoring programs in Australia, the facilitators will discuss both the scientific and community engagement aspects to deliver a successful of a monitoring program and report card program.

The Benefits

Completion of the Monitoring and Report Cards training will provide participants with the skills to:

  • Understand and characterise stressors and environmental responses in catchments
  • Identify, prioritise and select appropriate environmental and socio-economic indicators
  • Assess indicator scores and develop novel and accessible communication tools like Report Cards
  • Undertake engagement and communication with key stakeholders and the varied target audiences

Who should enrol? 

All stakeholders interested in catchment management, environmental impacts and performance monitoring including engineers, urban planners, policy officers, asset managers, advocacy and environmental groups, communication officers and community groups etc.


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