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6. Communicating Water Science and Technology

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Led by: Mary Rowland, Aquis Education, Queensland

Associate Professor Helen Stratton, Executive Manager, Smart Water Research Centre

Associate Professor Fred Leusch, Smart Water Research Centre


About the course

This course is designed to inform educators, communicators and community consultants about water science. It will include how to present it to stakeholders in a way that captures and holds their attention. Those with communication roles will gain a greater understanding of water science and scientific terminology, and technical staff will learn to convey information in a way that is easily understood. On completion of this course you will be able to communicate information that is simple enough to understand, yet technical enough to trust.

The Benefits

Completion of the training will provide participants with the skills to:

  • Effectively interact with the community at all levels and guide them towards sustainable urban water management
  • Identify terminology that will enable successful communication with all stakeholders
  • Convey scientific information in a way that captures attention and is easily understood
  • Undertake engagement and communication with key stakeholders

Who should enrol?

You will find this course relevant if you are:
  • A community consultant, communicator or journalist concerned with water issues
  • A teacher at secondary or tertiary level
  • A water education officer in local or state government
  • A treatment or plant operator
  • Involved with land, coast or catchment care; or
  • A water professional with a need to explain the urban water cycle to the lay community

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