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9. Changing Behaviour for Water Sensitive Cities

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Led by: Sarah Kneebone, Research Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia

Dr Paula Wright, Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia

Dr Angela Dean, Senior Research Fellow, BehaviourWorks Australia

About the course

The behaviour of households and communities affects all aspects of their interactions with water, from water consumption to flood preparation, support for new water initiatives and bill payment. The course will provide participants with an introduction to behaviour change science, an understanding of some key concepts and how they can be applied to support water quality, utility operation, wastewater management, and more.

The Benefits

Participants will benefit from a greater understanding of:

  • What behaviour change is and how it can be applied in policy and planning
  • Identifying target audiences for program application
  • How behaviours can be prioritised for decision-making
  • Potential barriers to behaviour change
  • Using intervention design to influence behaviours
  • Opportunities for behaviour change action within their professional practice.

Who should enrol?

Relevant to anyone interested in engaging with people, policy and influencing behaviour, particularly those involved with communications, demand management, community engagement, policy development, planning and delivery of water resources.

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