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10. Catchment Prioritisation: Money, Methods, Management and Mysteries

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Led by: Tony Weber, Alluvium

Misko Ivezich, Alluvium

Jim Binney, Principal, Mainstream Economics and Policy

About the course

One of the biggest challenges facing catchment managers is how to invest in management actions in the most cost-effective manner possible. Through this course, we will present a range of methods available to managers to determine where investment might be needed, how much it will cost and how effective it could be. From this, you will have the tools to develop your own framework for prioritising actions and solving the mystery of achieving best “bang for buck”.

The Benefits

On completion of this course, participants will have the skills to:

  • Understand key river and catchment processes driving waterway health
  • Select the right tools for assessing management actions
  • Develop methods for including impact and economic assessments in catchment decision
  • Know how to prioritise catchment actions and interventions in the most cost-effective manner

Who should enrol?

This course will be relevant to all those working in catchment management, including government agencies, NGOs, consulting and community groups.

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