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Water Reform and Governance

Six week course   |   delivered by Declan Hearne, International WaterCentre

About the course

Taking lessons from Australia and across the globe, this course will encourage participants to understand policy reform and implementation of water management. The course is designed for participants from multiple disciplines to encourage diverse discussion and interactive experiences. A blend of theoretical learning and practical experiences in water reform and governance will be applied in virtual classrooms to explore international and local case studies. 

The Benefits 

By the end of this course participants will understand the Australian water reform and governance model and lessons that are relevant for different country contexts. Specifically, completion of the course will provide:

  • Greater awareness and understanding of water reform and governance principles
  • Increased knowledge of best practice approaches to water management and reform
  • Strategies to improve resilience of urban and rural areas
  • Skills in governance framework analysis and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategies to deliver multiple benefits to cities/towns, the environment, and communities
  • Increased capacity to drive innovative solutions to complex water management issues
  • Introduction to a global network of participants and sharing a range of scenarios, challenges and initiatives.

Who should enrol

This course is for those wanting to understand water reform and governance models through collaborative understanding and information sharing. This includes practitioners, policy makers, decision makers, utility directors and water associations.


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Prerequisite: None required 

More information:
Vera Magazzeni
T +61 7 3028 7690


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