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'Theory of Change' for WASH Practitioners

Designing, planning and improving evidence-based, catalytic WASH projects

Four week course | delivered by Regina Souter, International WaterCentre

About the course

Drawing upon case studies from the WASH sector, from Asia and the Pacific, and across the globe, this course will familiarise participants with the design and ongoing use of the Theories of Change approach. The course is designed for WASH practitioners involved in designing or delivering WASH projects or programs. Participants will learn key principles and lessons about Theories of Change, which are re-enforced through WASH case studies.  

The benefits to participants

By the end of this course participants will understand the “Theory of Change” approach, and understand how they can design and use this approach to ensure more effective and efficient WASH projects & programs. Specifically, completion of the course will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of what is a Theory of Change approach
  • Strategies for using a Theory of Change approach to support evidence-based WASH
  • Strategies for using a Theory of Change approach to identify suitable change agents for a WASH project, thereby increasing the scale and effectiveness of the program
  • Strategies to champion a participatory-approach to designing a WASH Project Theory of Change
  • Introduction to a global network of participants and sharing a range of scenarios, challenges and initiatives.

Who should enrol

This course is for WASH practitioners wanting to design or deliver WASH projects or programs that are evidence-based and catalytic in scale. In particular, the course content and pace is designed to suit WASH project/team leaders.  

Practitioners from other development sectors interested in using Theories of Change to guide improved development outcomes are also welcome.


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Prerequisite: None required 


More information:

Vera Magazzeni
T +61 7 3028 7690 


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