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Strengthening individual and institutional capacity in integrated water management.

Building on the International WaterCentre’s strong foundation in education and adult-learning for integrated water management, we offer courses that combine interactive classroom learning with experiential learning through field studies, to develop the knowledge and skills of water professionals.

“This was excellent. Our staff really appreciated the participatory nature of the program.”

Our training programs are flexible and we offer custom-designed courses, working with organisations and groups to tailor programs specific to their needs and desired learning outcomes. 


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A set of 19 short courses offered 17-21 October to complement the World Water Congress. 

Online courses

Online training for individuals, providing theoretical and practical knowledge on critical IWM issues.

Water Leadership Program

Water Leadership courses for individuals and groups to develop skills to exert influence, drive change and advance challenging IWM projects.

Custom-designed courses

Customised training courses for groups or organisations addressing specific needs for effective IWM.



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