The start of the academic year for 2018

The start of the academic year for 2018

The International WaterCentre (IWC) Education Program is well into the swing of things for 2018. In this piece Education Director Dr Brian McIntosh reflects on the start of the new academic year.

The start of the new academic year. A time of hard work, excitement and fun as the IWC Education team prepares for and runs three back-to-back learning intensives – our main Water Leadership Program intensive, our 3rd trimester intensive for returning second year part-time Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) participants and our kick-off intensive for our new MIWM participants.

That delivering these intensives is hard work is probably evident but the excitement and fun might not be as obvious. None of us do things because they are hard-work, rather we do them because they are enjoyable and we can see that they are meaningful and create impact.

For both the WLP main intensive and MIWM kick-off intensive we get the opportunity to meet our new cohorts of emerging water leaders. We lead and manage the delivery of educational programs because they offer a way to catalyse transformations in our participants – transformations that are partly caused by developing new skills and knowledge and partly because of what happens at a more personal level during a long program of learning. Inspiration happens. Self-reflection and realisation happens. Relationships are created and sometimes even values, identities and politics change. Powerful stuff with strong causal roots in the first intensives.

Learning is a social process. We learn from our peers without being aware of what is happening. And we learn better when we trust and know the people whom we are learning with and from. So, the second year PT MIWM intensive is a special opportunity for us to continue to deepen our relationships with our PT participants and for them to strengthen the bonds that they have been developing across their first year of study in Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Thailand. We run classes, we discuss, we go out for dinner and we have fun. Maybe not as much fun as the new MIWM participants have on North Stradbroke Island together (see photos) but we do alright!

In the background leading up to the intensives this year has been the additional hard-work and excitement of starting the MIWM enrolled through Griffith University. The transition has gone well and although we are still working our way through how to do some things in a new institution, the welcome has been fantastic from Griffith staff across the Australian Rivers Institute, Cities Research Institute, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith Law School, Griffith Business School and the Sciences Group. In addition to feeling welcomed the opportunity to spend days with our program participants on Griffith’s Nathan campus surrounded by 260ha of the beautiful open Eucalypt that is Toohey Forest has been a real privilege. Our new MIWM participants have particularly enjoyed it – nestled into their learning within the beautiful surroundings and forest views of the Griffith EcoCentre.

So, from the IWC Education team, welcome to 2018 and our continuing journey to transform the way that we manage water from the inside out and bottom up!

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