The future of Riversymposium

The future of Riversymposium

It was announced briefly at the close of Riversymposium that future events will be managed by the International RiverFoundation (IRF). International WaterCentre (IWC) is proud to have managed the world’s leading river management conference for the past five years – some of that time in joint venture with the IRF.

The future of Riversymposium

Riversymposium 2013

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Riversymposium has linked river managers, scientists, academics and representatives from industry to international knowledge networks for the past sixteen years. Starting in 2009, IWC’s stewardship of the conference took off with an exploration of rivers from source to sea. Since then Riversymposium has traveled to Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. It has taken on the big issues affecting rivers and provided sector practitioners with a global knowledge-sharing platform and opportunities to expand their professional networks.

IWC are proud to have hosted a line-up of eminent international speakers – in 2012 keynotes came from Australia, India, Switzerland, China and Sri Lanka to examine the important interlinkages between rivers and the water, energy and food systems of the world. IWC and members of the Riversymposium committee thank all keynotes (past and present) who have shared their knowledge and experiences.

IWC CEO Mark Pascoe said, “I would like to thank everyone involved in supporting Riversymposium over these last five years. During this time we’ve striven to create a networking and learning platform for the benefit of the water environment and foster leadership in river management around the world.”

Mr Pascoe also recognised the conference delegates who came from over thirty countries to share expertise, network and create a community of practice within river and water management. In 2014, Riversymposium will be managed under the auspices of IRF.


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