A sustainable approach to water management

A sustainable approach to water management


Our planet’s water resources are under increasing pressure. To address water scarcity and the deterioration of our waterways requires a different approach to water management. Join the International WaterCentre for the four-week Foundations of Water Stewardship online training and and learn the skills and tools you need to tackle water challenges sustainably.

The AWS has developed a modular training program setting the standard for water stewardship globally. The program is designed to support, recognise and reward collaborative efforts to manage shared water challenges. As a verified corporate delivery team, the International WaterCentre is pleased to offer ‘Foundations of Water Stewardship,’ the first level of the program for users and promoters of the AWS water stewardship system.

Why water stewardship?

Water stewardship offers a new approach to achieving water management outcomes that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial. Through our online training, Water Stewards have the capacity to better:

  • Mitigate current and future water risks
  • Identify, prioritise and address on-site and off-site shared water challenges
  • Deliver site and catchment based actions that maximise positive impacts for all stakeholders
  • Undertake engagement and communication with key stakeholders.

Foundations of Water Stewardship online course

Commencing 24 May 2018 this four-week online course will equip you with the knowledge required to implement and promote water stewardship. You will be introduced to water stewardship and the AWS Standard, and how this innovative approach can support diverse water management goals and sustainability objectives.

Join us for the four week Foundations of Water Stewardship and learn a different approach to addressing the world’s water challenges. Enrolments are now open, register today: 



Online training with the IWC

IWC online training courses combine real-world experience in Integrated Water Management (IWM) with expert knowledge, to deliver engaging courses that address key sectoral issues and foster positive change in the complex world of integrated water management (IWM).

Through our courses, we share the lessons learnt from working with organisations, both in Australia and globally, and the evidence-based strategies we have designed and implemented to improve IWM and strengthen the enabling environment. Our online platforms provide an interactive virtual classroom that gives students the opportunity to engage with teachers and their peers around the world.

Register now

For more information and to secure your place on the Foundations of Water Stewardship online course, visit our online training page or register your interest.

More information

Contact our training team:

E | training@watercentre.org

P | +61 7 3028 7600

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