Sharing knowledge to solve regional water problems

Sharing knowledge to solve regional water problems


New Australian Water Partnership (AWP) and International WaterCentre Alumni Network (IWCAN) project, the Kini Initiative, seeks to facilitate exchanges between water professionals in Australia and the Asia-Pacific to connect people and resources in the context of regional knowledge needs.

Kini Initiative aims to connect water professionals across the Asia-Pacific

Kini (Malaysian for ‘current’, signifying the flow of knowledge) is a new AWP initiative, led by the IWCAN, that seeks to facilitate dialogue around solving water problems throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. It seeks to provide opportunities for those who are unable to take part in more concerted, well-funded ‘project’-style activities, to connect with one another and share knowledge.

Community of practice

By its nature Kini will most closely resemble an online ‘community of practice’. The scope of knowledge to be shared is broad, encompassing all aspects of water reform and management that are both relevant to the Asia Pacific and correspond to Australian expertise. The initiative aims to engage with a range of water professionals and relevant stakeholders from Australia and the Asia-Pacific with sufficient awareness and impetus to start a dialogue to address water challenges.

The initiative does not seek to create a new one-stop online ‘knowledge hub’ or new social media channel to connect water peers. There are numerous web resources and social media channels already in use by our target audience; adding more of these will not create much value. Instead it aims to add value in the manner of all AWP activities – by placing the knowledge already shared in the context of both the needs of the Asia-Pacific (for greatest impact) and the Australian water reform narrative (where Australia has the strongest experience and expertise to contribute to solutions). Kini will connect people and resources in the context of the knowledge needs of the Asia-Pacific and the knowledge represented in the Australian water reform narrative.

Water Champions

Kini staff, led by IWCAN Director Karen Delfau are engaging ‘water champions’ (people who already act as knowledge brokers within the Asia-Pacific) to characterise demand for water reform knowledge. Kini staff will then work with the AWP to distill and refine elements of the Australian Water Narrative to be delivered to meet that demand. Initially, staff will also work to connect individual water professionals and stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific with their peers in Australia. Activity begets activity; over time we hope that these connections – and links to relevant web-based resources – will grow and occur more organically in the manner of an active online community of practice.

Find out more about the Kini Initiative from the AWP or join the Kini Initiative here.

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