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Flood CoP Seminar 3 - July 23, 2014

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The integrated Flood Risk Management Community of Practice continued its knowledge sharing and information sessions with a third Seminar on the "Astute use of flood information - ways to access, analyse and present flood information as a component of Flood Risk Management". 

The foundation for any flood risk management initiative is a sound information basis.  The flood hazard and flood risk profiles for a catchment are often the subject of detailed flood studies, but what approach best matches the needs and purpose of subsequent planning and management requirements?  In this seminar we will explore a range of different ways to derive flood information and better appreciate the applications derived from them.  


Speakers and their presentations:

Elissa McConaghy

Senior Strategic Planner - Moreton Bay Regional Council

Council invested in a systematic analysis of flood risk which is now the foundation for a range of purposes. Elissa outlined how the flood information underpinned statutory planning applications and also how residents can use the Flood Explorer and Flood Check Property Reports.

PDF of Elissa's presentation

Jonathan Hodge

Informatics Project Leader - CSIRO

A demonstration system was presented that allows users to better integrate data and information including real-time water quality data, receiving environment modelling, routine monitoring, river flow, photos and videos through modern data capture, assimilation and visualisation techniques. The system allows researchers and managers to better understand the highly episodic connection of floods between activities in the catchment and the effects on downstream coastal and marine aquatic water quality and ecosystem health whilst building a narrative through the use of historical photos and other information.  The CSIRO team are also keen to hear of other ways that this type of application could be used in flood risk management applications.

PDF of Jonathan's presentation


Terry Malone

Senior Hydrologist - SEQWater

Terry outlined aspects of a detailed analysis of Brisbane River floods undertaken following the 2011 event that has improved our understanding of floods and flood hazards of the Brisbane River.  This information underpins activities such as flood forecasting and warning, dam operations, dam safety and floodplain risk and management activities.  

PDF of Terry's presentation


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Supported by:

The Dutch Consortium Partners in International Business

Deltares      Royal Haskoning DHV       Hydrologic


IWC     Hodge Environmental     and Filet Consulting


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