River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies

River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies

A healthy river is essential to building healthy economies and the health of people.
River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies

But the health of a river is compromised by the very services we require of it: extraction for food and energy production, transportation, recreation, and waste removal. Around the world, organisations are developing innovative monitoring and management techniques to help protect and restore the health of rivers.

A key theme of the 16th International Riversymposium, “River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies”, will feature some of these international case studies and research programs dedicated to assessing and improving river health to ensure rivers continue to contribute to improving regional economies.

Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State Univeristy, will give a keynote address on the research, policy and management of rivers at multiple time and space scales. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the new and exciting programs dedicated to improving river health, such as the Fitzroy Partnership Basin Blitz convening partner session. Other presentations will explore the conflicts between environmental flows, water trading, and offsets to manage river pollution.

River systems are recognised as biologically rich, culturally significant and ecologically critical. They store vast amounts of carbon, provide habitat to numerous threatened species, and support the economies of local communities. With urban expansion and the degradation of habitat, it is paramount that we share experiences and solutions to ensure that these river systems continue to provide these ecosystem services and support the economies of local communities.
The 16th Riversymposium is an opportunity to share lessons learnt from organisations from around the world on their experiences and solutions that involve the active participation of the community and partner networks to improve river systems.

Riversymposium aims to build knowledge and capacity of attending delegates through the sharing of innovative ideas and concepts, which can be applied in their local regions.

Early bird registrations are open until August 2 – register now!

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