Research & Knowledge

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The International WaterCentre leads whole-of-water cycle, transdisciplinary and collaborative research activities, which address current and emerging water issues to influence water management, policy, education and leadership. Our research is empirical, problem-based and generates useful new knowledge.


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We focus on developing the capacity of practitioners and the water sector at all levels – institutional, inter and intra-organisational, community and individual. This enhances the understanding of integrated water management across the professional spectrum and establishes a new standard for water leadership.

Our custom-designed capacity development programs are aimed at current and future water leaders with a vision for sustainable and integrated water management. The programs are tailored for each client, building on participants’ professional experience and improving their ability to solve water-related problems in an integrated way.

  • Capacity building and community development
  • Catchment and aquatic ecosystem health
  • Emerging tools in managing water
  • Environmental flow methodology
  • Groundwater management
  • Integrated water cycle management
  • Project management
  • River restoration
  • Science of water
  • Wastewater recycling and purification
  • Wastewater treatment technologies and effluent management
  • Water governance and policy
  • Water in mining
  • Water planning and economics
  • Water reform and regulatory tools, Legislation
  • Water supply management
  • Water, sustainability and development


We believe our strength is in collaboration: bringing together university and research partners along with industry leaders in the business, economic and biophysical and social science disciplines to deliver sustainable water management outcomes.

Our integrated approach to water research, education and management makes us unique. The three areas of our focus, education, training and applied research, are intricately linked and draw from each other to develop and promote best practices in water management.

We invite you and your organisation to share our vision and act as a catalyst for changing the way complex water management challenges are tackled. You can do this by supporting researchers and research projects within your community.