Prof Rob Skinner wins WME Leader 2013 award

Prof Rob Skinner wins WME Leader 2013 award

Congratulations to Prof Rob Skinner, Monash Water for Liveability CEO and IWC Water Leadership Program Mentor who won the 2013 WME Urban Water Leader award
Prof Rob Skinner wins WME Leader 2013 award

In the June edition of the magazine, WME has once again rolled out the “eco-friendly” green carpet for a VIP list selected by their industry peers and WME readership, when presenting the fourth WME Leaders List awards.

Prof Rob Skinner, Monash Water for Liveability CEO and IWC Water Leadership Program Mentor won the 2013 WME Urban Water Leader award.

Until you’ve been where the buck stops in supplying water to four million people in the worst drought in 1,000 years you probably haven’t fully internalised the risks of climate change. Yet the Millennium Drought is also the context for former Melbourne Water MD Rob Skinner’s proudest career achievement: a profound cultural change in the 800-employee organisation.

“We needed a organisation of people and leadership that was able to look at providing solutions in an innovative way. Business as usual, where you look to the past and extrapolate to the future, just wasn’t going to cut it,” Prof Rob Skinner said.

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About the IWC Water Leadership Program

The International WaterCentre Water Leadership Program helps emerging leaders to develop the abilities they need to exert influence, drive change and advance challenging integrated water management projects — abilities associated with the most effective integrated water management leaders.  > Read more

About WME Leaders Awards

Every year WME magazine, Australia’s leading environment business magazine, polls environmental professionals to select those who have made an outstanding personal contribution and/or leadership towards sustainable outcomes.
The WME Leaders List is an opportunity to recognise and honour individuals who have provided long-term environment leadership in industry, the environmental services sector, and government and non-government organisations.

Public nominees are weighed up by an expert panel to create a shortlist of up to 10 people for each of the five categories. In each category one winner is chosen by the judging panel and one by public vote, with 1500 votes cast this year. The winners have one factor in common –they all share a vision of a more sustainable world, and through their efforts and contributions have provided true inspiration and guidance to others. They are the sustainability role models and leaders of today, and we commend them for their contribution to their field, their organisation and colleagues, and to the broader sustainability movement.

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