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Flow Health Hydrology Assessment Tool

Flow Health is an application to assist in the assessment, design and management of river flow regimes. Its main purpose is to provide a score for hydrology in river health assessments, but it can also be used as a tool to assist environmental flow assessment. The tool was developed by Fluvial Systems and Yorb as part of the River Health and Environmental Flow in China Project and is available for free.

Flow Health has three main functions:

  1. To provide the hydrology indicator in river health assessment
    Flow Health analyses time series of flow data based on a comparison with a reference condition (i.e. pre-regulation flow time series, or modelled unregulated flow) to derive scores for 8 pre-defined indicators of flow deviation. A score of 1 is close to reference and a score of 0 is distant from reference. The indicator scores are aggregated to form an overall Flow Health score for each year of record. 
  2. To recommend a low risk minimum monthly environmental flow regime
    Flow Health automatically produces the minimum monthly flow regime that has a Flow Health score of 1. Users can also produce a regime with a lower score.
  3. To test the hydrological health of any monthly flow regime for environmental flow assessment
    Flow Health can be used interactively to design a monthly flow regime, with continuous updating of Flow Health indicator and overall scores. Any monthly flow regime can be tested. 

Further information on the method that underpins the Flow Health tool is available here.

Software and publications


Title and description


ACEDP FlowHealth Software

Flow Health Hydrology Assessment Tool

Application to assist in the assessment, design and management of river flow regimes
5MB zipped file to be installed
Flow Health Manual cover

Flow Health User Manual

User manual for the Flow Health Hydrology Assessment Tool
Hydrology Report Cover

Report on hydrological assessment methods

Report with further information on the methods used by the Flow Health Hydrology Assessment Tool


Flow health screenshot

Screen grab of the Flow Health User Interface


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