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Monitoring and Assessing for Health of Estuary and Coastal Waters - Australian Leadership Award Fellowship 2012

In 2012 IWC hosted 15 professionals from the Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC) during a professional development program with the intent to gain new insights and knowledge into monitoring and assessing health of estuary and coastal waters in the context of integrated water management.

Project Category: Education & Training

Key Areas of Work: River basin management,Public health,River Restoration

Project Date: Nov 01, 2012

The program was designed to build capacity, not only in the technical aspects of estuary and coastal waterways health assessment and monitoring, but also towards an integrative approach to waterways management and water resource management based on stakeholder engagement and evidence-based decision making.

This program not only focussed on building capacity of the fellows’ technical understanding of estuary and coastal water health, but also on the process to develop effective, evidence-based management and investment programs.

The program provided a valuable opportunity to both PRWRC and IWC to understand capacity from each organisation as well as demand and a clearer cooperative area and business scope both organisations could pursue.


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