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Integrated River Basin Management - Australian Leadership Award Fellowship 2011

In 2011 IWC delivered a custom-designed course in integrated river basin management to 15 professionals from the Yellow River Conservancy Commission.

Project Category: Education & Training

Key Areas of Work: Ecosystem health and river restoration,Ecosystem health,Integrated Water Resource Management,Public health

Project Date: Nov 04, 2011

The program provided participants with an insight into Australia’s approach to sustainable water resource management.

Participants studied integrated water management concepts in theory and practice in the context of river health management. They had an opportunity to explore ways in which diverse disciplines may inform the practice of integrated water management, and discussed how this learning could assist them as professionals making decisions or providing advice to decision-makers.

The programs provided an opportunity for participants to broaden their knowledge of integrated water management while pursuing particular areas of interest and expertise through individual work plans, field trips and industry placements.


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