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Water professionals creating Water Sensitive Australian Cities

Creating Water Sensitive Cities workshop has been succsessful in Perth. Registration for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide is still open!

One of the more prominent effects of climate change and rapid population growth in our cities is the extremes in our weather conditions. While Australia can boast with the third largest recycled water treatment plant in the world, it is clear that technology alone will not solve the problem – we need to change our thinking to be able to plan and build sustainable water sensitive cities in Australia.

To actively influence and shape the future direction of water management in Perth and across Australia, frontline urban water practitioners will gather in Perth on February 9th and 10th at the Creating Water Sensitive Australian Cities professional development event at Parmelia Hilton, one of the five events Australia-wide.

Mark Pascoe, CEO of the International WaterCentre, one of the host organisations who had the idea for the nation-wide workshops, is hoping to start a community of practice for integrated water management and water sensitive urban design based on the results of the outcomes of the National Urban Water Governance Program research undertaken by Monash University, and from the broader urban water sector.

“To make a change towards water sensitive future in our cities, we need discussion among the water professionals across all disciplines that incorporates thinking about the future of integrated water resources management in urban settings,” says Mark.

“We are not going to get different results by doing the same things we’ve been doing for the last few decades, we need to review and plan a multi-disciplinary approach” adds Mark.

The International WaterCentre together with Monash University, and sponsored by the DOW Chemical Company, is taking the first step in making a change toward water sensitive futures in Australia.

The workshops will deliver an innovative approach to sharing the latest international knowledge from leading scientists and practitioners working across social sciences, engineering, climatology and urban design.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to consolidate what they have learnt in the technical information sessions by drawing on their personal knowledge and experience to generate locally and nationally relevant policy recommendations for creating water sensitive cities.

The outcomes from the policy development workshops will be collated into a series of policy recommendations to be presented to the National Water Commission and senior state government policy advisors across Australia in April 2009.

To find out more about the events, please visit

International WaterCentre (IWC) is the business centre for building international capacity in integrated water management. IWC undertakes education, training, research and consulting activities to promote whole-of-water cycle approaches to water management.

The National Urban Water Governance Program (NUWGP) is a social research program aimed at facilitating progress towards Water Sensitive Cities.


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