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World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2015

For the first time, WEF has rated water crises higher than the spread of infectious diseases, weapons of mass destruction and inter-state conflict, to take the top place on the list of potential threats to the world.

The Huffington Post reports, "The World Economic Forum announced this week at its annual meeting in Davos that the global water crisis is now the largest risk and greatest impact to our lives and our planet.

"The sobering truth is that world leaders now view the lack of access to safe drinking water and extreme weather events such as catastrophic drought as bigger risks than anything else."

"Water crises have also been re-categorised as a societal rather than an environmental risk in this year’s report," says the International Water Association (IWA).

"These multiple cross-cutting challenges can threaten social stability, perceived to be the issue most interconnected with other risks in 2015, and additionally aggravated by the legacy of the global economic crisis in the form of strained public finances and persistent unemployment."

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