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Why enrol in an IWC Integrated Water Management program?

A number of part-time/distance Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) students who graduated last year have given interesting insights into their motivations of studying this program and choosing the part-time/distance learning option, the challenges they faced as well as the outcomes and benefits they gained through participating in the program.

“Part of my motivation for signing up for this course was to move into the field of international development as a practitioner. Earlier this year I achieved my goal and even before I graduated I was offered a contract in sanitation marketing in the Pacific. That allowed me to apply everything I’ve learnt in a real-world experience and also to get my foot in the door,” says Sinéad Lehane, who graduated from the MIWM last year. 

Studying part-time and by distance while working in a job can certainly pose some challenges and requires a great deal of self-motivation and time management skills as most part-time/distance students would willingly confirm. “But [IWC’s] education team provides an incredible amount of support for distance students, and the online content and learning space provided me with the structure I needed and allowed that peer-to-peer interaction throughout the course,” says Sinéad.

Sinead Lehane MIWM video


Sean Hinton, another 2015 MIWM graduate, adds: “The part-time/distance option is a great aspect of the program for people juggling multiple commitments. The brief face-to-face component of each semester is a good opportunity to not only meet your peers and teaching staff, but also immerses you in the content of the individual courses. For the remainder of the semester you are relatively free to tackle the work at your own pace to meet the individual assessment deadlines which are usually well spaced.”

Sean Hinton MIWM video

Dan Green, who also graduated from the program last year, sums up what to him were the best points of the program: “The first is the content itself from an educational point of view. The second point from a more personal perspective is that the program is really fun. You go on a number of excursions, for example, to North Stradbroke Island and you get to mix with a lot of interesting people from staff and the student cohort."

Dan Green MIWM Video

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