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Water and Sanitation volunteers needed

Three incredible opportunities to take your Water and Sanitation expertise overseas with Australian Volunteers for International Development.

Operations and Maintenance Trainer, Water and Sanitation - Marshall Islands

The Majuro Water and Sewer Company – a division of Marshalls Energy Company Inc – is seeking a volunteer skilled in water and sanitation utility maintenance and operation. A basic water and sanitation system was installed on Majuro Atoll during the US trustee period decades ago. However, the equipment has not been properly maintained over the years, largely because staff do not have the required level of knowledge to do so. There is a need for the local staff to learn these skills.

Water and Sanitation Engineer - Lebanon

The Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD) is a grassroots, non-profit, non governmental organisation in Lebanon that seeks to improve the health and environmental conditions of marginalised and vulnerable groups, especially in the Palestinian camps and gatherings. It achieves this through water and sanitation programs, mother and child care services and by raising awareness and empowering the local communities.

Sanitation Engineer - Kiribati

The Ministry of Public Works and Utilities is currently undertaking a program to upgrade the water supply services and on-site sanitation for local communities. At the present time they are being supported in this process by an AVI volunteer WATSAN engineer whose assignment will soon be drawing to a close. The Ministry is anxious to maintain the progress that has been made to date and urgently require a suitably qualified person to continue this important work.


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