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Visualising the relationship between food, water and energy

Natural resources don’t exist in a vacuum. This video by SAB Miller shows how they’re all connected, in potentially dangerous ways.

Water, food, and energy are all connected. But the nuances of those connections are not obvious. A short animation from the Guardian (commissioned by SAB Miller) breaks it down in honour of World Water Week:


 The food water energy nexus


70% of global freshwater is used for agricultural uses. In the US 50% of all freshwater goes towards creating electricity. In countries that rely heavily on hydropower, drought can lead to blackouts. And then there are biofuels. It takes 1,300 litres of water to make just 2.2 pounds of wheat, according to the video. By 2030, a staggering 10% of the world’s cropland may be used to produce biofuels.

There are no easy solutions - the world must curb consumption, even in the face of a rapidly growing population. For more information on the water, energy, and food nexus, visit Co.Exist.


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