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IWC offers training courses in water stewardship in Brisbane

The International WaterCentre (IWC), in partnership with Water Stewardship Australia, is offering a series of training courses designed for people and organisations interested in developing their knowledge and skills to manage, implement and promote good water stewardship. The courses will run from 18–20 September 2015 in Brisbane.

Three individual courses (foundation, advanced and specialist levels) will be offered at the IWC offices in Brisbane from 18–20 September 2015. The training courses are accredited by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) and are aligned with the International Water Stewardship Standard.

Foundation training – 18 September 2015

The program begins with a one-day introductory foundation training course. People who have already participated in an AWS foundation program will not need to repeat this course and can join the advanced training on the second day.

Advanced training – 19 September 2015

Advanced training programs will be introduced to complement the existing foundation program. Advanced training offers more intensive work with the water stewardship standard using a case study approach.  

Specialist training – 20 September 2015

An additional final day focuses on specialist training which will allow accredited auditors, consultants and trainers to be brought into the system to work with clients on their water stewardship activities. Participants seeking accreditation will be required to achieve a satisfactory level of performance in the advanced training before they can progress to the specialist training.

Packages are available for one day, two days and three days of the training program.


1 day  – $700
2 days – $900
3 days – $1250

For more details and to enrol, visit Short course: water stewardship.


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