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Thames and Ganges to be Twinning Partners

The 2010 International Riverprize winners, the Environment Agency England, have selected the Ganges River in India to be their International RiverFoundation (IRF) Twinning Program partner and receive the twinning grant which is part of the Riverprize.

Both the twinning grant and the Riverprize money will be directed to the twinning project, with the Thames River Restoration Trust coordinating the finances. This is the first time a Riverprize winner has committed their award money on top of the twinning grant to a twinning partner.

A number of projects are proposed for the next two financial years, 2011/12 and 2012/13. These projects will span 10 clusters of villages along the 1,360 kilometre stretch of the river Yamuna in the Upper Ganges River catchment.

The twinning project will work cooperatively with WWF-India to protect the endangered Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangeticus), freshwater turtles, and aid the reintroduction of the critically endangered Gharial crocodile (Gavialis gangeticus).

This new twinning partnership will see the IRF Alumni network further expand. The IRF would like to recognise the Environment Agency England and the Thames River Restoration Trust for their generous contribution of all Riverprizefunds to this twinning partnership.



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