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Second Water Sensitive Cities Conference held in September in Brisbane

International and Australian experts will provide thought-provoking concepts, tools and case studies at the second Water Sensitive Cities Conference in Brisbane from 8-9 September 2015. This conference will showcase CRCWSC’s growing internationally recognised body of research and collaborative efforts to create water sensitive cities and towns.

Presented and managed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC), this 2-day conference provides a unique opportunity for the CRCWSC to share its latest research insights that integrate some 20 different disciplines, and stems from more than 35 individual research projects and research synthesis and adoption activities. 

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Preparing to transition to water sensitive cities‘. The aim is to provide industry with the knowledge and tools to create the necessary environment for innovation and change.

The three conference streams are structured around the three key elements of a ‘transitions framework’ that provide the critical ingredients needed for enabling transition towards water sensitive cities and towns. These three elements are:

  • On-ground practices – the knowledge and tools that enables the on-ground delivery of services or outcomes
  • Enabling structures – the formal and informal rules and frameworks that support the successful implementation of the various on-ground practices
  • Social capital – the knowledge and skills required by people and organisations to drive change.

The conference will appeal to all sectors interested in transitioning cities, towns and regions to be more water sensitive. These include national, state and local government, urban water managers, the urban land and housing development sector, and the private sector.

Registrations close on Tuesday 1 September.

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