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Scholarship recipient to use MIWM skills to advocate for IWM in Malaysia

Ken Thiess/GWP Scholarship recipient for the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management, Denise Cheah from Malaysia, speaks about why she wants to advocate for the long-term implementation of integrated water management in Malaysia ...

Working with an environmental NGO on several projects concerning wetland conservation and wise-use, I realised that a great majority of people are unaware of the water security risk our nation is facing or the causes leading to it. This is disturbing as it allows rapid land conversion and unsustainable resource usage and other activities that result in deforestation, leaching and ground water contamination, greatly affecting water resource availability.

Twenty years has passed since the concept of integrated water management was introduced in Malaysia. The idea was to implement sustainable water resource management across all levels of stakeholders. Yet today, we are facing more water-related issues than we did twenty years ago.

Water is a common resource shared by all living organisms, yet the human population has been using more than their share of it. Increasing human population and anthropogenic activities has led to stress and wide-scale degradation of our natural ecosystems including our water sources.

We must manage this limited resource to ensure that it is sustainable, while still meeting the increasing demands upon it.

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