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Researchers needed for Mekong water and food projects

Prospective researchers interested in increasing the productivity of water for food and livelihoods can apply for project opportunities in the Mekong region.

The Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) Mekong has announced its first call for concept notes expressing interest to develop projects in the following research for development areas:

Topic 1: Improving the management and coordination of Mekong hydropower development
Topic 2: The benefits and costs of hydropower in the Mekong
Topic 3: Droughts, floods and water engineering in the Mekong
Topic 4: Gender and hydropower in the Mekong
Topic 5: Energy production options

All institutions implementing research-for-development work in the water development sector in the Mekong River Basin are eligible to apply. It is required for all proposed projects to add value to or complement CPWF Mekong’s program focus: to reduce poverty and foster development by optimising the use of water in reservoirs.

Successful applicants will be awarded up to US$250,000 – specific funding brackets are outlined in the detailed topic descriptions.
View a detailed call description, requirements, guidelines and rules, and EOI concept note template:

The CPWF is a politically neutral research-for-development program. Its unit of analysis is the river basin, and it operates in the Mekong, Ganges, Nile, Volta and Limpopo Basins, as well as a small collection of catchments in the Andes, referred to as the Andean System of Basins.


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