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Planners and researchers working together for effective outcomes

The IWC is engaging planners from the National Water Commission early in the process of research to ensure that valuable outcomes will be used in meaningful ways in environmental planning and policy.
Planners and researchers working together for effective outcomes

Griffith University researchers conducting field work in South East Queensland waterways

The field study* being conducted in South East Queensland is testing the concepts of the Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration (ELOHA) framework. This holistic framework is designed to provide flow-ecology relationships/models for use in environmental flow assessments and/or river restoration at a regional scale.

An important focus of this project is to involve planners throughout the research process to ensure that research results are applied in a beneficial way.

Professor Angela Arthington of Griffith University, head researcher for the project, was the lead Editor of a Special Issue of Freshwater Biology on 'Environmental Flows: Science and Management', including a synthesis paper with recommendations for future research:  

Preserving the biodiversity and ecological services of rivers (200.5 kB)

Arthington, A,  Naiman, RJ, MCClain, ME and Nilsson 2010, ‘Preserving the biodiversity and ecological services of rivers: New challenges and research opportunities’, Freshwater Biology,  Vol. 55, pp. 1–16


* Hydro-ecological relationships and thresholds to inform environmental flow management and river restoration - Professor Angela Arthington, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University


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