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Part-time Masters students in Brisbane for face-to-face workshops

Twenty-four part-time students joined the International WaterCentre (IWC) at the University of Queensland last week for six days of workshops and field trips.
Part-time Masters students in Brisbane for face-to-face workshops

2015 part-time cohort in Brisbane for face-to-face workshops

The face-to-face session, held from 15-19 February, marks the beginning of semester three for the 2015 part-time cohort, who spent the week engaged in lectures, workshops and field trips, including a water sampling field trip at Griffith Nathan campus with Dr Wade Hadwen from the Australian Rivers Institute.

Part-time student and scholarship recipient Erin Sellers said IWC Lecturer Poh-Ling Tan’s engaging style and explanation of the intricacies of Integrated Water Management were a highlight of the week and the face-to-face workshops gave students the opportunity to catch up with one another and immerse themselves in the introductory material and foundations of the program content.

Two modules are being delivered to the part-time cohort this semester:

“The part-time approach gives us an opportunity to actually apply the teachings at work, which is something I'm finding I'm doing more frequently now,” Erin Sellers. 

Following this week, students and lecturers will now meet online for the remainder of the modules’ delivery via our interactive online learning platforms. 

More information

For more information about IWC’s Master of Integrated Water Management or part-time delivery mode, contact: 

P: +61 7 3014 0200



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