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Shakin it for the Dugongs - competition information

Imagine….you’re online, cruising YouTube. You stumble on a clip of Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman gettin’ their groove on, dancing to protect and restore our creeks and coasts. You look further. Lawn bowlers, farmers, fisher folk, school kids and people on the street are all doing the same dance. They are all dancing to Dugong Rock a hot, slick blues-rock number about the life of the Dugong.

Dugongs are large, sea-grass-eating mammals that live in our waterways. There were once many dugongs. Sadly, there are not so many now. Muddy creeks make for muddy estuaries and bays. Things are grim for the Dugong and his mates.   

Dugong RockIt’s not just a dream. If you can walk, you can dance. If you can dance, you can make a difference. Are you on line yet? Go to to check out the Dugong Rock track. The International WaterCentre is supporting South-East Queensland Catchments, the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee  and the communities of the Great South East and the Mary River to Shake It For The Dugongs. From the Mary River Lung Fish to the Pumicestone Dugong we will support our rare and endangered species and protect our waterways for the Dugong and his mates.

Everyone has a chance to win $500

Enter your Dugong Rock video clip to win $500 or other great prizes. Shakin’ it for the Dugongs is a chance for you to show the world how creative you can be. Let’s dance for the Dugong and his friends. 

You have three minutes to display your talent! Be as crazy and wild with your moves as possible, especially in the verses. As you will see in the clip, the chorus contains funky dance moves that you can rock to. Everyone can be a star by Shakin’ it for the Dugongs.

  • Download the music to Dugong Rock, dance to the words and shake it for the Dugongs! Download the music from Rock.mp3. You don’t to need to sing to the words in the clip, but if you listen closely to the lyrics you will find some dance moves you can boogie to. Download the song lyrics here.
  • Record your dance using the best quality video camera you can find. The higher the quality, the better to see you and more chances of YouTube hits.  You can have as many people in the clip as you like. There are no limits. Have you got your camera ready yet? It’s time to get famous!
  • Upload your video on YouTube. Then email Rachel Kenny at with the following information— your name/organisation;  your YouTube name; contact telephone; email address and the link to your YouTube clip. Any enquiries can also be sent to this email address.
  • Kids, remember to get Mum and Dad to help with the filming. Why not get them involved as well? Win $500 and other great prizes. Protecting out waterways has never been so easy and FUN. 

Prizes Prizes Prizes

Winning has never been so easy!  By entering the competition you can win great prizes.  

Two prize winners will each receive a $500 cheque from the International WaterCentre. South-East Queensland Catchments and the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee will also be giving away many more fantastic prizes.

All you need to do is enter, it’s that simple! Find out more about these great prizes:

Can you dance better than the crew at the International WaterCentre? Check them out on YouTube at

Entries are now open! Practise your moves. Get the camera ready and start Shakin’ it for the Dugongs. So hurry and get in quick for your chance to WIN. Let’s raise awareness for South-East Queensland habitats. How well can you move for the Dugong and his mates?



Finalists will be selected based on the highest number of YouTube hits. So remember to get friends, family, work mates and local businesses involved. Get them to view clips and vote for you. Overall winners will be decided by the organising committee. No correspondence will be entered into. Winning clips will be announced at Eco-Flicks on World Environment Day, the 5th June at The University of Queensland. Winners will also be notified personally. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Winning clips may be edited at the organising committee’s discretion. The final edited version of Shakin’ it for the Dugongs may be composed from a selection of clips by our finalists.


Dates for South-East Queensland Catchments

  • 9th May 2011 - Competition opens...Begin the journey
  • 24th June 2011 - 5pm, Competition closes for South-East Queensland Catchments
  • 27th June 2011 - Winners announced
  • Winners announced at Sunshine Coast University during EcoFlicks and on the Sunshine Coast Environment Council Website:

Dates for Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee

  • 9th May 2011 - Competition opens...Begin the journey
  • 24th June 2011 - 5pm, Competition closes for Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee
  • 27th June 2011 - Winners announced
  • Winners announced at the Noosa Festival of Water at Lake Macdonald, Cooroy


Points to remember

Put your clip on YouTube and also email us your video clips for your chance to win BIG. Lets protect the Dugong and all of his mates.

Send all emails to Rachel Kenny at Catch you on YouTube soon!


Find out more at these websites

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IWC logoInternational WaterCentre




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